Gypsee AIS 140

Gypsee comprehensive fleet and delivery management solution gives you complete visibility of object movement and reduces variability

Our data-driven insights about your fleet give you more time to spend with loved one than creating reports, reduces stress and conflict because of communication gap, gives you real-time status to avoid uncertainty and helps to meet your customer commitment without much of hassles.

Benefits of ais 140 hardware that meets ARAI standard for automotive

  • real-time location tracking
  • remote engine on/off
  • panic button for emergency alert
  • utilization report
  • built-in battery
  • large memory for data retention
  • low battery alert
  • harsh driving alert
  • dual network support
  • accessories support(camera/RFID/fuel)
AIS 140 Device Basic Device
Real-time tracking
E SIMs inbuilt in the device

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