India positions first in the quantity of road accidents passing over the 199 nations revealed in the World Road Statistics. Numerous individuals have lost their lives in road accidents, anyway do you believe it’s simply the one who died in such mishaps ? With every individual, an entire family dies emotionally.

The family perseveres through the agony of the one lost in such setbacks long lasting. It is extremely imperative to drive securely on the grounds that it spares you as well as your family also. It helps you to maintain a strategic distance from weighty fines or detainment for traffic violations and keep your protection premiums lower.

With such huge numbers of individual benefits attached to simply driving safely, We must understand that We all share the road, so we are all responsible for driving safely. Being a safe driver means being alert, always driving to the conditions of the road environment and being ready to take action at any time.

Being responsible citizens this is our duty to guard ourselves as well as other people while we are driving. However to save lives and to promote the culture of responsible or safe driving in our nation. We are coming up with GYPSEE DriveClub – It’s your Personalized Online Driving Assistant with various other features & rewards for inducing people to drive safe.

Envision even your driving practices are being checked for self and compensated by our AI Driven Genie.
What about getting a free film ticket if you drive securely or might be some espresso @ starbucks?

Lets vow to drive safe and get rewarded for that.

GoodBye Gypsies. Let’s discuss the features of the next big innovation (GYPSEE) in automobile space in my upcoming blog.

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Let’s together fight with COVID-19.
Together is a winner! Never apart, may be in this temporary social distancing but never in heart.

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